Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Center for Baptist Studies

The Center for Baptist Studies at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia sponsors and encourages the scholarly study of Baptists through instruction, emphasizes Baptists' ecumenical relationships to the entire Body of Christ, and interprets issues and trends in contemporary Baptist and American life. Online articles on sermons, educational programs, creative ministries, stewardship, Sunday school lessons, children's material, postmodernism, news and view, and issues including Baptist classics, creedalism, Calvinism, and identity. Here is the May 2008 table of contents from The Baptist Studies Bulletin.

In Response To . . . : Bruce T. Gourley

"The Conservative Evangelical Wilderness Experience"

The Baptist Soapbox: Charles W. Deweese

"First Amendment Issues: Why Care?"

From the Pulpit : John Finley

"Lessons Learned From an Historical Pulpit"
Baptists and Presidential Elections: Doug Weaver

"Election of Ronald Reagan: Baptists and the Religious Right"

Observations From the Intersection of Individualism and Ecclesiology:
Charles E. Poole

"At a Busy Baptist Corner: Perceptions of Authority and Responsibility"

Baptist Heritage Series: The First Baptist Church in America: Stephen Martorella

"The Prayer of Song"