Saturday, December 25, 2010

Faith is the Root and Works are the Branches

Winterberry Christian Academy helps all students learn this fundamental truth.  Faith is at the core of our very being, faith in God's infinite blessed love which pours out over us and we are safe. Students have learned in other dark places that the world holds little gods of power and terror that capriciously intervene in their daily lives.  Even in a system of rules and laws, rules and laws do not apply to everyone fairly.  Bullies and gangs and authority figures filled with their own petty power play their games and hold students enthralled in webs of fear.  Where is God's love?  Nature is blind and passive yet students are taught to trust Nature.  Where is the abiding sense of safety in Nature?  But with Faith we are safe.  Only when students feel safe can they begin to immediately work, and obey, and advance their lives in the paths God has for them.  Faith is what saves us.  For with faith we begin to believe that this world is made for us and that God has a plan for our lives, God has work for us to do, and we are needed.

WCA where:
Special is "Special."
Free to learn,
My way.
I'm in charge.
I can grow.
I can trust.
I am safe.
I'm a blessing.
I'm needed.
I'm here.
No gangs.
No fear.
Smiles and encouragement.
Love thy neighbor.
I feel connected.
I'm not a shadow on the wall. 

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